Grow Stronger.

Learn how God can use the drama that haters bring into
our lives to exponentially grow our faith in Him. This 4 day
devotional lesson is designed to guide you on the path
of strength in trying times.

My Story (Briefly)

The early portion of my life was tough, but I had family who loved me. I was always a gifted kid, but I grew up in a tough environment which made me feel awkward. That’s all I will say about that for now (no dry snitching). It wasn’t until much later in life that I began to embrace the things that made me different from others around me. I eventually taught myself to program computers, and after spending most of my adult career as a software engineer and technical architect, I sensed the call to ministry. I then became the founding and lead pastor of Northeast Community Church. I also co-host the What in the WORD podcast that is streaming on most major podcast platforms. Teaching and communicating biblical principles and how they apply to life is my passion. This site is where I express some of that passion.

My Writing

Working Girl

The service elevator doors slid open and she eagerly scurried on. The fact that she wasn’t allowed to ride up with the other guests made…
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The Gospel and the Movies

Can God can use the power of storytelling to lead people to a better understanding of His character and the message of hope that Jesus…
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How Media Shapes Belief

Media has so much influence on a person’s worldview, especially in today’s technological climate.   Craig Detweiler, author of iGods, says “Our cell phones are…
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