Does Race Matter?

June 6, 2020 | Watch Time: 17 minutes

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As followers of Jesus, our Primary Identity is found in Christ.  We should put our hope and trust in Him alone. This is a challenging concept, because of the groups we identify ourselves in. The concept is called Social Identity theory.  As of late in the United States, racial reconciliation has been a buzzword that is gaining a lot of traction. Major corporations and even churches are backing the notion that we should seek justice for minorities against the whiteness that those with European ancestry tend to Lord over "People of Color".
Books like "White Fragility" attempt to educate us that White privilege and White supremacy are a thing even if they are not practiced knowingly.  They should be fought against with all vigor.  It's no longer okay to only not be a racist, we must now be anti-racist and speak up against the disparities in culture.

From a Bible-believing Christian perspective, I've learned that Jesus has clearly torn down the walls that divide us based on groups that we will align ourselves with, and created a new race of people. The Church.  The Church has been baptized into Christ and we are now God's family.

If you are a believer and looking for the definition of racism you will find that it's hard to define what racism actually is. The notion of race is a human construct, and the thoughts of who is racist tend to change over time.  Christ is the Last Adam and has taught us what it means to be a part of the new humanity that is found in God's family. If you hold a literal biblical worldview, of Genesis you would know that the book records the story of the first two humans.  Since the Genesis account, the Bible goes through great lengths to prove that we all come from Adam.

The truth of the matter is the concept of Race was originally created to separate people from one another. The notion at its very core is actually racist. The idea that humans should segregate into racial identity groups should wholeheartedly be refuted. We are all a part of one race. The human race. Studying Social Identity theory from a biblical perspective can go a long way in understanding why we divide amongst imaginary lines.  We are all human, and we should live our lives with that in mind.  

When I am confronted with Social Identity theory or Critical Race theory, I promptly remind myself, that Jesus has torn down the walls of hostility, and I have no good reason to attempt to rebuild that wall. It is a divider that keeps me from experiencing the beauty that can be found in others.

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