Overcoming First World Problems

Oct. 12, 2012 | 2 min read

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I've been reading Enough written by a very influential person in my life, Will Davis, Jr. It’s provoked me to keep ensure I consistently overcome first-world problems. First-world problems are silly little anecdotes meant to bring perspective to the mundane everyday issues experienced by those of us who tend to take our luxuries for granted.   If you're not familiar with the term, perform a quick Google search and you will quickly see how they are amusing, yet sobering if e pause and think about them long enough.

I have to admit I’ve even tweeted a few first-world problems of my own.  Either relating to my smartphone, laptop, or both depending on the point of annoyance.

The above tweet, although offered in good spirits, speaks to how good I have it. First off, I live in a place that the electricity comes straight to my home the majority of the time, not to mention I have a job that allowed me to afford my smartphone, data plan, and Netflix subscription. Even the things I mentioned up until this point are a bit superficial in the bigger scheme of things. I am surrounded by a wonderful family and have knowledge of a Savior who loves me enough to give His life so that I can fellowship with Him.  Boom!  Take that first-world problems.

At times followers of Christ tend to find ourselves living in a world of entitlement.  Perhaps due to our accomplishments, talents, and perceived self-worth; but none of those things truly matter in light of eternity. I don't think anyone will stand face to face with Jesus when things are all said and done, and complain about the things that so easily cause us to lose perspective.

I absolutely love to see, "but" and "God" appear next to each other in the Scripture. That small conjunction placed before the Master of the universe places all problems into proper perspective. So next time you feel "First World Problems" attempting to creep into your day-to-day life.   Proclaim, "but God", and see if that's enough to turn your problems into, "No problem at all!"

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