Can God can use the power of storytelling to lead people to a better understanding of His character and the message of hope that Jesus came to reveal to mankind. Popular culture is full of religious imagery but what role does a follower of Christ have in connecting those images to the Truth of the gospel message?   As believers, we can learn a lot about the culture we are called to reach with the gospel through the arts the world creates. The theological term is “common grace”, God’s grace towards everyone.  We cannot afford to make the mistake of believing we need to prove the existence of God. The majority of people we encounter will have a concept of God. Most folks wrestle with questions such as “How should I think about God?”, “How can I worship Him?”, and “How can I make sense of the randomness of life?”.

The truth is culture sometimes shares partial gospel truths albeit unknowingly. We can take confidence that God’s common grace has provided a harvest. We need to find out where He has already been at work and meet Him there.

The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.

Psalm 145:9

Even the Apostle Paul, utilized the words of Greek philosophers to share the truth of who Christ is. He met the people where they were, in light of their understanding of Spiritual things. We should ask ourselves as believers, “What’s lacking is our inability to point unbelievers to the truth of God’s message, as Paul did on Mars Hill.”

For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law.

Romans 2:14

Humanity has used stories to teach others how to view the world around them from as early as can be remembered. The Bible is actually a narrative account of God interacting in the WORLD. If we find creative ways to engage others through movies we will be able to open a new pulpit for the masses. Creative arts should be viewed as an avenue to speak about Christian doctrine. We shouldn’t view going to the movies as some new evangelism scheme. However, it can be a way to engage others with a common dialog that points to our theological worldview. What it boils down to connecting “Themes of Truth” to our daily walks.

How should I use movies to start a Gospel conversation?
→ Did you connect with any of the Characters?
→ How did the film make you feel?  
→ How do you think the film depicts real-life?

Look for the following themes in the movie

  1. When good defeats evil
  2. Happy endings
  3. People trying to fix issues on their own; and ultimately making it worse
  4. The display of sacrificial love
  5. Themes of suffering

Pitfalls to avoid
→ don’t stop Short of the Gospel.
→ Allow the movie to relate to the Gospel message, not the other way around. 
“Which means you have to be familiar with the Gospel/The Scriptures”
→ Don’t look for the movie to share the entire Gospel message, it’s up to you to bring it home.

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