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One thing you need to understand and maybe it’s the final thing that you need to understand about haters. They help us to find our purpose. Our purpose and God’s purpose are intertwined as a matter of fact we’re just a part of God’s purpose it’s just the way it works many of us have been challenged with the notion of why am I here is there something more to my life than what I’m currently experiencing listen you owe it to yourself before you leave this planet to find your purpose in life this is part four of a four part series entitled how haters help if you haven’t watched any of the other videos pause this video I’ll put a card here to the earlier videos look down in the description to see the first three it’ll be well worth it also on every video we have a devotional guide that you can check out and get more insight unto what I’m talking about in these videos I think it’ll bless your life it’s totally free you don’t have to put any email address in and anything it’s my gift to you okay guys it’s day 4 in a quick recap of Joseph’s life he found himself sold into slavery accused of rape thrown into prison despite being totally innocent for more than 13 years even though God had given him a special dream and something to accomplish now don’t get me wrong God did show Joseph’s favor along the way and he did represent God pretty well despite his circumstances after many years of what would have seemed like the greatest detour ever Joseph finally sees an opportunity to get out of his current situation he does this huge favor for this influential man who was close to the most powerful man in the country seeing the opportunity to get his case heard Joseph seizes the moment and please remember me and do me a favor when things go well for you mention me to Pharaoh so he might let me out of this place for I was kidnapped from my homeland the land of the Hebrews and now I’m here in prison but I did nothing to deserve it I don’t know about you but I would’ve did the exact same thing if I was put in the exact same situation how did it the exact same thing I do something for you

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