Haters can help us develop godly character. With social media becoming a way of life; I see more people
talking about their image, reputation and their brand. All of those things are associated with how people perceive us online or in the media. We put a certain persona out there with the books we write and the things that we do to contribute to. However, in today’s culture branding is what we allow people
to see. As believers in Christ, we need to be striving to show others our character. Character is much deeper than what a person is able to see on the surface. Our character is who we are when we think no one else is watching.

Allow me to ask you a question? Does your character align with your brand?

God wants our character to transcend our reputation. In the last episode of the story of Joseph’s life we discussed how haters help us to get out of our comfort zones now we want to further delve into the reasons why getting out of our comfort zones is so important. God often uses uncomfortable situations to develop godly character in His children.

Psalm 105:19
until the time came to fulfill his dreams the Lord tested Joseph’s character

The Scripture shows us that Joseph had great opposition after his haters sold him into slavery. So far in the story, we’ve seen all the haters coming after Joseph and thinking it was on their own volition
now the psalmist is sharing with us that it was God who sent Joseph into slavery and caused his character to be tested. The testing was because God had a plan for Joseph’s life. We then see Joseph go to a series of
traumatic events. I wonder if Joseph asked himself can
things get any worse. He went from a slave to being accused of rape, to being thrown into prison. And when each event was triggered Joseph did nothing wrong. Talk about trying a person’s character. I know if I was in
his shoes I would have wanted to scream, “I’m innocent you idiots! What are you doing? Don’t you know that God has a plan for my life!”

More Questions

  1. How do you act when you’re wrongfully accused?
  2. Do you think you could be like Joseph when people misunderstand your intentions?
  3. Would you say that you exude Godly characteristics when people intentionally try and use you?
  4. Do you bless them, like the scripture says we should?

We see in each situation that Joseph found himself He represented the God he believed in pretty well. Think about it. Jesus came to His creation and was
accused of being a devil, a drunk, a blasphemer and he was eventually executed. One of the promises for following Jesus is that the Spirit of God will work in us to develop godly characteristics. Unfortunately those
characteristics do not come without testing and even more importantly our faith grows through difficult trials. So
when things get difficult don’t throw your hands in the air and say, “Oh Lord why me again?” But instead, ask
the Lord, how He is trying to grow your character. Today take it as an opportunity to understand what Christ must have felt and embraced the fact that you are being conformed into His image.

Don’t allow haters or life’s situations to take your eyes off the prize. The prize is found in Christ.

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