Did you know that hater’s help us to get out of our comfort zones? That’s what we are going to be talking about today in this devotional.

Psalm 105 says this.

When he summoned a famine on the land

and broke all supply of bread, he had sent a man ahead of them,

Joseph, who was sold as a slave.

His feet were hurt with fetters; his neck was put in a collar of iron;

Psalm 105:16-18

In our last devotional we introduce the thought of how haters help. We briefly discussed how God deals with His children and we promised to delve deeper into the story of Joseph. Today we want to explore how haters help us get out of my comfort zones and why that’s important. He was his daddy’s favorite; he wore nice clothes; and had big dreams. That’s where the story of our friend Joseph began. He was poised to become the man in Canaan. His father Jacob had given him a special garment of distinction. The gift showed what his Father felt about him in his heart, but it only alienated him from his brothers.

While Joseph’s dad’s gift to him was cool it was ultimately God’s gift that he gave him that was going to separate Him. And (this gift) caused him to be an integral part of the promises that God had given his father and his grandfather, and dating even way back to his great-grandfather. Now Joseph was going to be a big part in the fulfillment of that promise. It would have been an awesome privilege to say the least, but there was a catch. He had to move away from his home to do what God had created him to do.

You see, God had given him a dream but he never gave him a detailed to do list on how to accomplish his purpose. You see, his home Canaan represented a place of comfort for Joseph everyone knew that he was gifted; everyone heard the dream and Joseph was a big fish in a small pond in his hometown. If he was going to fulfill God’s purpose for his life he needed to learn to swim with sharks. He had to move out of his comfortable place to find out what God had already knew about his character. Jacob probably had no idea that in order to accomplish his vision it was going to take him moving out of the place that he called home out of his comfort zone and his haters literally forced him out by selling him into slavery.

I wonder what he had left otherwise. What about you? Are you currently too comfortable to make any significant impact on the world? Human nature often gravitates towards the path of least resistance. However, we must learn that resistance is necessary for growth. No champions get their rings in comfortable situations. No true world changers are born without adversity. For you who are going through a tough situation right now and those around you only seem to make matters worse. Ask yourself. Am I being forced out of my comfort zone?

Once I learned that God is more concerned with my character than my comfort; my comfortable places seem so unimportant. So let’s shift our site to becoming people with character and we will discover how haters help us develop character in the next video.

Until next time don’t forget to know God, love others, and show it.

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